Courses list sort order

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Ordering of the Courses menu:

In the document How do I customize my Courses list as an instructor? it says:

Note: Courses are always listed alphabetically...

Prompted by a frustrated faculty member's inquiry,  I have just looked at many a "Courses" list, and while that's mostly true, there are a good number of lists in our instance, especially the longer ones that faculty members have,  that are alphabetical at the top, but fall apart into a seemingly random order at the bottom.  (The All Courses list on the other hand does seem strictly alphabetical.)

My hypothesis is that there was a change made at some point in the sorting algorithm, and that courses added to the list after that change appear at the top of the list sorted alphabetically, but courses added before that change fall to the bottom of the list, unsorted.  This fits the pattern I've seen.  I'm curious whether it's correct, and if so, when the change was made.

I realize this is not an earth shattering question.  I can perhaps justify it by saying when people are shown what looks like an alphabetized list, they might not look below and miss the out-or-sort-order courses at the bottom.