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Create assignment different submission types for different groups?

Hello, I'm one of my high school's Canvas Admins trying to help a math teacher. In her hybrid classroom, she would like to allow in-person students the option of submitting their assignments in physical from, rather than uploading them digitally. 

Each time she tries a solution, it creates a new problem. 

She uses the gradebook in Canvas so she needs to be able to manually enter a grade for the students' work submitted by hand and can't have assignments showing as incomplete, when they're not really incomplete. 

One issue she has is that for the students who submit physical copies of the homework, the assignment still appears in their task lists as something incomplete. Is there any way to alter that?

I know she could ask each in-person student to upload a blank document in addition to submitting a physical copy so that it would register as "submitted" in Canvas, but she is trying to avoid that. Is there any other way for the teacher or student to communicate to Canvas that the assignment has been submitted? 

It seems like she needs a way to create ONE assignment, but make it "required" by digital submission for one group and "optional" for the in-person students so that Canvas doesn't think the assignment has not been submitted by the in-person students.

Has anyone managed to find a solution in this type of scenario?

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Hello, I just had someone ask me about this today, too. I found out from my coworker informed me that you can go through and manually change the late policy status to "none" and it will remove the labels from the gradebook, however I believe it would have to be done for each student's individual assignment. Another option is to also allow for text submissions in addition to the file, and have students who submit manually type a quick note to indicate they turned in the assignment (not a great option, but possibly better than a blank document).

There is also a "Canvancement" developed by @James that you could implement if you or the instructor are so inclined. Here it is: 

The person I spoke with today chose the text submission option. Best of luck!

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I would suggest to create an assignment for the remote students and assign to them with submission options and then create a separate assignment for the face to face students with "on paper" selected. Then add both to the module.

The students would only see the version assigned to them and would allow the teacher to still input a grade for the F2F students.

Chad Scott
Katy ISD