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Delay or modify stated posting date for announcement

I like to prepare a recap announcement for my virtual office sessions (VOS) ahead of the VOS, to facilitate faster turnaround for the students. This includes a link to my video recording of the VOS (including their questions and our discussions), links to articles I discuss in the VOS, and links to code and data files from the VOS demonstrations. By setting up my template ahead of time with the anticipated files, I can send out the recap soon after rendering the video.

Unfortunately, the posted date reflects the date I set up my template, even though I place a delay on it until hours after my VOS. This confuses students, since the announcement appears to be prior to the VOS.

How can I prevent the posting date from being set to the first edit date (which is never posted for the students at that time); or alternatively, how can I change it to match the actual posting date?


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@DavidSnell -

I really don't use announcements, so I have no first hand knowledge of how it operates. In looking at the Instructor Guide, I saw they had a section called Announcements Redesign. The link is to the section of the instructor guide dealing with that feature and the first link is How do I use announcements redesign.

If you have the ability to use it at your institution, then it may solve your problem - I don't know.



Thanks for your reply. It appears that my University does not permit access to the page you referenced, so I cannot verify or refute the potential solution. Again though, thank you for your timely response.


@DavidSnell -

I did not mention it in my original response, From what I saw in the instructor guide entries it appears that the original announcements will not do what you would like. I think the redesigned announcements would(just my guess). It would have been nice if you had that option available to see if it works that way.

You might be able to try it out in the beta or test environments. That way if you are able to verify that it works, you may be able to ask your Canvas admins to put the option for using discussions redesigned into your production model. I asked ours to do that for the enhanced gradebook filters (so I could try them out when they were first released) It seemed to me that it is something quick and easy that can be done (my guess is the options are available to everyone, the admins just have to decide if they want them visible to the users).

In any case here are the links for how to access the test and beta environments:

Accessing the Canvas Test Environment

Accessing the Canvas Beta Environment