Do we have any report on counting file download in a course?

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Hi everyone, 

Does anyone know if we have any report on calculating how many downloads of a particular file in Canvas course? I see in Analytics, we have only file uploads. But our faculty prefer to see the download instead.

I have tried to find a workaround for our faculty to upload the file in Google Drive and link it to Canvas course. However, without a paid education Google account, we can not see the download report also.

Thanks for your reading and look forward to hearing any suggestion or workaround.


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Community Coach

When looking at the user access report, I see each URL that a student has selected in the course. This includes the files that are inside a course, and it counts the number of views. The Canvas Guides document on this states that files are counted if the user views or previews the file:

How do I view the course access report for an individual user?

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