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Does Observer Role in Cnavas Course Have Access to Echo360 recordings in that Course

Typically, our students (with a student role designation in Canvas course) are automatically enrolled in Echo360 course sections (giving them view permissions) when they access the Echo360 recordings using the Ech360 app button in Canvas.

If the Canvas user has an Observer role will they also automatically get viewing permissions in the Echo360 Curse section as students do?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @EdG2 ...

Full disclosure, I have never used Echo360 before, so I do not know what the capabilities are of that software.  This might be a question you'll ultimately have to ask the folks at Echo360 ... because it sounds like you are asking about what kinds of viewing rights someone would have outside of Canvas.

Also, have you tried testing this in a separate Canvas course...such as a sandbox course...and enrolling a dummy account with the "Observer" role to see what would happen once you are in Echo360?

If you do contact the Echo360 folks, please let us know what you find out from them...thanks!  Take well.