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Does Proctorio prevent you from submitting in Canvas once it's session expires? (for a quiz that has it enabled)

Hi all,

We have been using Proctorio for some time and a few folks have come to think that if the Proctorio session expires, then the students also get locked out in Canvas quiz.  For us it is not necessary to have the Proctorio session cover the last part of the exam, because we rely more on the Canvas timestamp to assess integrity issues.  Just want to confirm thanks.


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Hello @OtonielZorrilla 

If you have Canvas quiz settings and Proctorio quiz settings in place, they both will affect the quiz. If Proctorio is timed  and that timer runs our(or if a date passes to lock students out) it would stop the students from taking  it. Similarly, if a Canvas quiz was timed it will auto-submit those quizzes. So, if Proctorio settings are causing issues with students accessing or submitting quizzes, you may want to look at which settings you want to take priority and remove any potential conflicting settings on the other.