Does student data also import from 1st to 2nd semester?

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We are moving to Canvas for the 2021-2022 school year and here is a big question that we are having trouble with finding a definitive answer. I'll use my Physics course as an example. It is a year long course with two semesters. Same students in each semester but most likely in different sections. At the end of first semester their grade is reported out in PowerSchool our SIS. A second semester course is generated in Canvas and then I will import ALL of my content from 1st semester into 2nd semester. My Physics course is a College Credit course and I report only one grade to the college at the end of the year. For that reason, I always just continued their grades for the whole year. This means I would like for the student data and work to import as well from the 1st semester to the 2nd semester Canvas course. DOES IT? If not, is there any way for me to solve this problem and make this happen? We used to use Moodle and built our courses and then each teacher would unenroll and re-enroll students each beginning of the year. Teachers are VERY nervous about the new way of thinking that you just import your course into your new shell each semester. Any help or clarification on this would be appreciated or a link to where this has already been discussed. Thanks!!!

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You mention 'importing course into a new shell each semester'.  So you have separate courses for each semester. Course content is transfered in the course import process- but student data is not. Canvas doesn't have an automatic grade transfer mechanism- apart from csv uploads to gradebook.

Year-long courses with semesters as grading periods would be a better approach.

When students are moved between sections in the same course grades are preserved in gradebook - I checked this by grading 2 students in a sample class, then making a new section and moving the students from their original section to the new one. Original grades were visible in gradebook view for the new section.

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