Download Annotated Assignment as a Word or TXT Doc

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Hello.  When students download annotated Assignments from SpeedGrader, the only file option they currently have is as a PDF.  They can then do the open-a-PDF-as-a-Word-doc workaround to be able to directly work on their annotated Assignments.  

The workaround works well if the comments are all in the Assignment Comments text box in the right side menu in SpeedGrader, but if the comments are inline, i.e., on the actual student submission in the doc viewer on the left side of the screen, those comments don't appear in the downloaded PDF that is opened with Word.

Perhaps this is more of a feature suggestion, but is there a way to directly download annotated Assignments into Word from Canvas?  Perhaps through an MS 365 API? 

Any of your thoughts would be most appreciated, thank you.