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I am a college student. And I Have submitted My assignment but I suddenly noticed that My work was not My Professor asked For. As I noticed it, I went To My college website And dropped this class immediately. So may I ask will My Professor still see My work I Have submitted Before? Or My assignment has been removed As soon As I dropped the course? I am So nervous because this course is So important To me while the work was So bad that I thought it will violate the impression on me.

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Hi @Allen1998 

Dropping the course will not remove the assignment submission; but, depending on how your school manages drops, you name will no longer appear in your teacher's course roster and gradebook. This means your teacher will not see your name or submission in the list of submissions to grade. In short - if the school removed you from the course quickly enough, then your teacher will not see your submission.

My question is, if you need this class so badly, why did you drop it. You could have resubmitted the corrected assignment, or you could have simply talked to your teacher. As a teacher myself, very little gives me a worst impression than the students who don't talk to me. Just sayin'!


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