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Duplicate email notifications

I have been with my current course on canvas for 5 years. All of the sudden I’m getting duplicate emails for the same message. Sometimes three. I haven’t adjusted my settings. Just wondering if there’s some bug others are experiencing.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @shadmanderson ,

If you have multiple emails listed in your notification preferences, that could be why you're receiving duplicate emails. Also, if you're using a service like Gmail it's possible to view your inbox for multiple email accounts at once. So my guess would be that you're receiving notifications for separate email accounts that are all displaying when you check your Inbox overall. A quick way to check this would be to open those three duplicate emails and see which email they were sent to. 

Hope this helps,


Community Contributor

I've had reports of this at my institution and have experienced this myself.    I was receiving 3 separate emails all to the same email address.     I had 3 email addresses on my Canvas user account, all but 1 was turned off to receive notifications.    I was curious, so I deleted the other 2 email addresses from Canvas that were set to not get the notifications and now I just get 1 email.   I believe that there is a glitch/bug that is causing this.