Easiest way to do a download photo link?

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I've put a link on a course to 'download photo,' which shows up on the course page as Download Photo with an arrow next to it, but when I click on the Download Photo text, nothing happens, and the photo only downloads when I click on the arrow next to it. Is there a way to set the text to open the download link too so people don't get confused, as I'm worried some of them won't try clicking the arrow?

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Hello @JoeGrogan1 

How did you insert the photo and what type of image file is it? If you used the RCE tools - either the icon or insert - photo - upload photo it should be there for them to download. If the image is displaying full they'll need to use their browser and right click - save image. If it is only a link with a title and the download arrow, they'll need to use the download arrow to download it. Clicking the link won't automatically download it unfortunately. With images, those are basically the options for students to download them if you've inserted it into the RCE. Hopefully this helps. 

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