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Edit Duplicate Assignment from Another Term

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Posting this although I see questions like it have been asked before and not really answered.  As a teacher, if I duplicate an assignment within my current term (I believe) I can edit and delete the duplicate.  When I duplicate from last term though, I cannot edit or delete my duplicate.  

Is there a way to create a new duplicate, stripped of due date, roster, and assignments handed in?  To be clear, this is all within the same course.

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Hello @PeterAlbert ...

Yes, if you wanted to make a duplicate of an existing assignment that is in the same course, you can do this.  Rather than using this feature of Canvas:

How do I duplicate an assignment? can use the Course Import Tool to select specific content to import.  I tried this in my own sandbox course to make sure it worked as intended, and all worked like I had imagined it would.  The main difference here is that instead of selecting a different course during your import, you'll be specifying the same course that you're already logged into.  It will seem strange to do this, but it works.

How do I select specific content as part of a course import?

Here are all the settings you'd want to select ... and you'll also notice the orange "!" next to where I typed in my course name...the same course name that I was already logged into.  But, that's perfectly fine for this example.  When my assignment was "imported" again, it created a new assignment in my course with the same name and put it in the "Imported Assignments" assignment group.  And, as the screenshot shows, it will remove any dates ... because it's treating it as a new assignment in your course that doesn't have any submissions yet.

Screenshot 2023-01-04 123108.jpg

I hope this will help a bit.  Let folks in the Community know if you have other questions about this...thanks!

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