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Edpuzzle Integration Issues

I am having two issues currently with using the Edpuzzle app within Canvas. 

1. When Canvas is pulling the grades over it is giving my students strange scores (ex: 15.01 out of 16). When I go to Edpuzzle the score says 15 out of 16. 

2. I have my Canvas gradebook set to give students a zero automatically once the due date is passed but it does not seem to be working any assignments that are Edpuzzle assignments. 

Any thoughts?

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Hi @npmrsc,

I may have some info on this, but not necessarily any fixes...

For the missing policy, the guide does specifically state "The Missing Submission policy will not be automatically applied to No Submission, On Paper, or External Tool assignments with the exception of New Quizzes quizzes. However, a Missing label can be added in the Grade Detail Tray."  So the behavior you are seeing is expected.

Regarding the points, I think you're likely seeing rounding issues.  To my knowledge, external tools report scores to Canvas as a percentage (not raw points) and then Canvas handles the conversion to points by simple multiplication.  I'm not sure about the precision of percentages that is supported, but I imagine if EdPuzzle has 15/16 (which is exactly 93.75%), it may transmit a rounded 93.8% score to Canvas.  Canvas then multiplies 16 by .938 to get 15.008, which would be rounded to 15.01 points (as I am almost positive Canvas only supports 2 decimal places for points).  I would agree this is less than optimal, but I don't know whether adjustments would need to happen on the edpuzzle side, the Canvas side, or somehow within the LTI specifications.

I hope this at least helps explain what may be happening.