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Good morning,

Is there a way that I can send an email to my course roster? I am able to send announcements to my students via Canvas, but I have received requests from students for email notifications. I know that I can email them individually, but it would be more convenient to email the entire roster at one time.

Thanks for any assistance/advice you can offer!

Tom Thomas

Instructor, CU-Boulder

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Community Coach

Good morning,  @thomas_thomas ...

First, Canvas does not have e-mail.  It has a messaging system via the Canvas Inbox.  What I mean is that the Canvas Inbox system is not like e-mail where you can send messages to family and friends...because those people aren't in Canvas courses like you are.  You can send messages only to those people who are in the same courses you are.  Each user in Canvas can choose how they want to receive those messages, though, via Notifications.  So, while some people might want to receive notifications via text message, others will want to receive messages via e-mail.  It's completely up to the end user.  More information about that can be found on either of these Guides: get to your question.  These Guides should help you:

Again, keep in mind that when you send a message via the Canvas Inbox, your students may not all receive a copy of it via e-mail.  And, they may not all receive the notification at the same time...depending on how frequently they choose to receive notifications about stuff in Canvas.

I hope this helps, Thomas.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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