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Embed Code Not Working

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Any thoughts on a way to make this embed code work in Canvas? I am trying to embed a Teaching Channel video into a PD course for teachers and nothing is showing up. I know I can link out to the site, but I would really like to find a way to get the video inside the course.

<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>

The embed code above comes straight from the site (Videos, Common Core Resources And Lesson Plans For Teachers: Teaching Channel​.) It is generated when you click on the embed button above the video.

Thank you!

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Hi  @alg813 ​,

I have created a little screen cast to run you through the process which I hope will help. There is no sound to the video. The modify URL is once you insert the file under the "insert content into page", this is around the 1:15 minute mark on the video.

Screen cast: Embed code not working - exerciseresearch

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The way I get around javascript block in Canvas is to create a very generic HTML page in server space provided to us by my school (RECLAIM HOSTING: they are awesome!!!), which allows me to run the javascript in my own webspace, and return results via an https webpage, which Canvas thinks is fine. You can see examples here:

Javascript: RotateContent: Growth Mindset Playground

That's a Canvas wiki page, totally open, just click and go.

The javascript tool I use most is, an awesome free tool built by one of my students which will take contents of an HTML table and generate a randomizing javascript for you. I use it all the time.

It can also do date-based here, as you can see in my calendar javascript of growth mindset cats:

I am VERY GRATEFUL to my school for this domain of one's own program via Reclaim Hosting that gives faculty AND students some webspace they can use to do things that are not possible in hyper-controlled spaces like Canvas.

Pinging acroom​ for the power of our program. If anybody is interested in talking with William (who is really Adam; that's just a name display thing) about our use of Reclaim Hosting to provide web space to faculty and students, he will evangelize!

Thanks for this step by step explanation.  Worked perfectly!

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My requirement is similar, I need to host some a file that follows a deep folder hierarchy on Canvas Files. So, for example, my Files will be folderA > subfolderA > sub-subfolder > index.html.

I am trying to embed this index.html file using the following path:

But It embeds the whole Canvas Course Files page.


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The advantage of logging on to the canvas platform is stopped using Facebook

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I will answer my own question. It seems that Canvas reference to files do not follow the folder hierarchy within Files. In my example the url for the file will be:

No need to specify the folders hierarchy.