Embed an Onenote Class Notebook page into Canvas page or assignment

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      May I know that if there is any way to embed an onenote class notebook page into Canvas page or attach as an assignment. I mean the onenote class notebook host on the Teams, not from teacher's personal onedirve folder. 




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Hello @JamesRong 

Thank you for contacting the Instructure Community. Yes you can integrate Onenote to your course and use them within assignments. First, you will need it installed and integrated in the course - is it already there? Do you see it on your navigation tabs on the left? If not, you may need to speak with your school about getting it  installed  or you can  try installing it yourself at the course level following this guide:

How do I configure an external app for a course us... - Instructure Community  

Beyond that, Onenote should have more information for you on how to use it on our platform. There is more information here:


If you still need assistance using it in your course, please reach out to your school directly who can assist with the setup. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning, @JamesRong ...

In addition to the information you got from @greydon, I thought I'd also provide you with the info page from the EduAppCenter website:

Edu App Center: OneNote Class Notebook

I agree with @greydon that you'd probably want to talk with your school's Canvas administrator to get this integration set up in your Canvas environment.

Good luck to you!

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