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Enter attendance grade from a certain date on

I use the rollcall attendance from the start of the semester just to verify presence for my institution. I do not grade this. About a little more than half time into the class, I realized that some people are not attending very often and want to create an incentive by adding points for each attendance. If I create a new assignment with the maximum points for all class meeting until term end and use percentage, it will report all students as delinquent from that final total until term end. On the other side, I want to avoid entering a different total after every meeting and manually add up every student's score. Is there a way to do this?

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Hello @twassmer 

Thanks for posting this in the Global Canvas Community! 

We might need more details on this..but i will try and provide as much info as I can..

  • I am assuming you would be manually entering the grade at the end of the Term/semester? (Correct me if I am wrong) 
  • Are you using the Roll call attendance tool in Canvas?

One thing I thought of was using a No Submission type of assignment. A No Submission assignment does not require the student to submit anything in Canvas. You can then assign it to all the students. You would then enter the students scores at the end of the Term/semester. 

Getting a little off topic here, but I know that some instructors will incentive students attend the class by setting it up something like a No Submission, extra credit assignment. Typically it is done by making the assignment worth 0 pts and when you enter a positive point value, it will boost the students grade at the end of the Term/Semester. Some instructors will give their students a few extra points at the end of the Term if they have attended a specific amount of sessions. 

If you are not wanting to do this as extra credit, you could tell the Roll Call assignment to not count towards the final grade. From there you could tally up the students attendance grade and manually enter them in the No Submission assignment at the end of the Term. Instead of seeing a grade from the attendance tool, they would see a grade on the No Submission assignment you manually entered them in on. 

Hopefully this helps and I haven't missed anything here.