Error when enrolling user through API, getting concluded course error message to an available course

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I'm trying to enroll an user through the API using the following endpoint
POST /api/v1/sections/:section_id/enrollments

However I'm getting a 400 response with the following body message
{:message=>"Can't add an enrollment to a concluded course."}

But when I go to Canvas there is no signal that this course is concluded, I don't even have the option to unconclude the course according to this guide I've found.

Where can I double check whether indeed the course is concluded or not?


Thanks in advance for the help 🙂

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I am just passing through and a Canvas novice myself, but I think I can answer your last question. If you make a web call to get that course there should be a workflow_state I believe that aligns to whether or not is concluded.

Courses can also have end dates, so maybe that's it?

Just some shots in the dark, hope it helps.

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