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I had my students complete an Excel spreadsheet in an Office 365 Cloud assignment. The submission went fine but I can only see the first page of the spreadsheet. It does not let me see the rest in the document viewer in Speed Grader. If I download it I can see the whole thing. I do not have a page advancer at the top of the ribbon.

Any ideas on how I can see it all in Speed Grader for annotation?


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Hi @pjohnson6 

If by page, you mean different sheets in the workbook, it is my experience that the preview tool in Canvas won't be able to show you those. It only previews the first sheet. You will have to download the file to view the different sheets. 

I recommend you download the Excel files and use the annotation/commenting tools in Excel. Or if it's possible, have students create and submit separate files. I realize that might now work for the type of Excel work you have students completing. 

You could also use a rubric. 

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