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Exisitng OneNote Class Notebook


I have been using OneNote Class Notebook for a number of years in Teaching, and have existing resources/lesson plans all ready done. 

My question is, our school has just changed to Canvas LMS, and it seems to link with OneNote seamlessly, BUT only if you are setting up a new Class Notebook? As I have existing Notebooks, with students and resources, I can't seem to find anywhere how to link to those existing Notebooks.

Can you help?



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I don't have tons of experience with the Onenote Integration, but I believe you can copy notebooks into the class notebook, Ian, so the transition should be pretty painless as far as using preexisting content goes. 

Thanks Dallas, and I thought of that. The only problem is that having an existing Class Notebook, all my students are already linked to it, and they also have their own notes and resources on these pages too. By copying it all would mean 30 odd students transfers.

I was more hoping that Canvas would link directly to my existing Notebook... students, their work, and all mine. 

Thanks for replying Smiley Happy

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Oh, I see. I don't think it will link to your existing notebook.

You could try mapping the existing notebook to Canvas from OneNote, but I would be hesitant to try it in the middle of a term in case something went wrong.

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Community Coach

Hi ian.browne‌...

I wanted to check in with you because there hasn't been any new activity in this discussion topic since February 10th.  Did the replies from  @dhulsey ‌ help to answer your question?  If so, please go ahead and mark one of his responses as "Correct".  But, if you are still looking for some assistance with your question, please let us know that by posting a message below so that members of the Canvas Community can continue to help you.  For now, I'm going to mark your question as "Assumed Answered" because there hasn't been any new activity for a while, but that won't prevent you or others from posting additional replies below.  I hope that's okay with you, Ian.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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You could use the "Redirect Tool" app which you can add from your course Settings. There is a tab at the top of the Settings page that says "Apps". You can search for and install the redirect tool and use it to add a link to your course navigation that links to your existing OneNote notebooks.

Is the redirect tool still the only option for importing an existing OneNote Notebook into Canvas? Or has there been updates made (since the original question is 3 years old)? Thanks for any help you have regarding this. 

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Just to be clear, it is still NOT possible to integrate an existing notebook in canvas. The best you can do is to redirect. This caused a lot of confusion at our school; we were told that we could have a single OneNote in teams and in canvas, when it is really one or the other. 

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Has any progress been made on this issue. It seems to be affecting a lot of organisations. My school has just started using Canvas and I have a number of teachers who want to integrate existing Class OneNotes. Has Canvas got a solution yet?