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Expanded Inline preview zoom level issues with more than one document

Hello, we are using Cidilabs and frequently add accordions. We often place sample documents in an accordion panel with Inline Preview expanded (not overlay). However, whenever we add more than one document, only the first document has the correct zoom level of 100%. Any document after the first one opens very small. Is there a way to set the zoom level in the HTML code or some other way?

Example of HTML code that is the same on all of them, even the ones opening in a smaller size.

<a class="instructure_file_link instructure_scribd_file auto_open" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" data-canvas-previewable="true">Emilio's Gr 2-3 Expository Rubric</a>

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning, @AngelaDestro ...

I'm not sure if you have found a resolution to this yet or not, but I would recommend that you reach out to the folks at Cidi Labs ... submitting it as a ticket so that Kenneth or someone from Cidi Labs can look at this in more detail for you.  I know that that at the beginning of each month, they release their own release notes of new features and bug fixes to the Design Tools product.  (When you have Design Tools open on the right side of your screen while editing a page of content in your course, click on the "Get Help" menu, and then select "Release Notes".  I'm not sure if these release notes are available to instructors, but I know they are available to Canvas admins.)  As for contacting Cidi Labs directly, you can go here: Support - Cidi Labs Tools for the Instructional Designer.  You can submit a ticket right on that page, or you can go into the "Cidi Labs Support Portal" link if you have an account on their website.  They are great about getting back to you!  Good luck!