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I am a student. How can I export the content of the courses I studied last year? The export button seems only available before the course ends. 

In the Modules part of an old course, there is no export course option, i just have expand all and collapse all options. I also dont have the Settings inside a course. 

Now i want to download all the content. What should i do? 

Thank you!

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Community Coach

Hi @Tam_Nguyen20,

You'd probably want to reach out to your teacher or your school/institution Canvas team (usually in the eLearning / IT / Digital Education areas) to talk about this.  Canvas has the ability to allow epub exports, but a school/institution or teacher has the ability to disable that functionality if they wish.  In many cases, content may be considered to be copyrighted and owned by your teacher, and exporting may not be allowed.

Good luck with this, I hope your teacher or Canvas team will be able to help you out!


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