Fall CANVAS course set up (Access Pearson)

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Two Problems setting up Fall 24 courses.

1. When I set up discussion groups the groups do not show on the discussion.  I've tries the old method and the new discussion link.  They appear to load but do not tell the students which group they're assigned to.  Suggestions?

2. When will Access Pearson be working on my Fall 24 CANVAS courses? I'm trying to set up course dates and I need to work in Access Pearson.

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Community Coach

@jdoecke ...

Groups are created via the "People" page of your course.  You first create a Group Set, and then you create the Groups within the Group Set.  For example, you might have a discussion topic on the topic of sports cars.  You could then create a Group Set with the same name, "Sports Cars".  Within that Group Set, you would create the various groups within there...so you might have "Green Team", "Red Team", "Blue Team", etc.  You'd then place students within each of those color groups.  When you set up your Discussion topic and select that it's a group discussion, you would select the "Sports Cars" Group Set name that you created.  Canvas knows that you've divided up your students into the various color groups, and so when students visit this particular topic, they will be participating in their own small group discussion topic based on the color that you assigned to them.  If you had your "People" page visible on your course navigation menu (on the left side of your screen) so that the crossed-out eye icon is not next to "People", students could go there...or they should have a "Groups" icon on the far left-hand side of the screen in the global navigation menu where they can see the group names.

Your second question sounds very specific to something at your school that we here in the Community wouldn't be able to fully answer.  You may need to ask your Canvas administrator at your school about the Pearson question.

Does this help to answer your question?  Keep us posted...thanks!

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