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File Upload grading in Quizzes

I'd like to have students take a picture of their work to submit for an answer for a quiz.  I have found that there is a "file upload" option for a quiz question, however, the grading side becomes an issue.  When I go into the speedgrader to grade the quiz, I have to download each file to grade what the student has submitted.  I find this odd because if a student submits an "assignment" that includes a file upload, I see an preview of that file right away on the page and do not need to download a file to grade each student response.  Is there a way to have the same view of the student file in speedgrader?

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Just for reference, this is what I see when I do a test with a quiz file submission.  Grading an assessment with multiple free response parts (each requiring an image of their work) would be a nightmare to manage.  If the speedgrader would just give me a preview of the image as it does in any other assignment, this could be an awesome tool for distance learning.  The student could open the quiz on their phone to see the question, write out their work, and then snap a picture to submit.  On the teacher end, I could grade these so much faster and do one question at a time if it would just give me a preview of the image.  Canvas, please add this feature!341567_Canvas Quiz Grading.PNG

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Hi Brian, I know this won't completely answer your question. I much prefer file upload questions in Blackboard, I feel that Canvas gives students too many options and they get confused and frustrated. Some files will show up as a picture, I don't know why some do and some don't. My assumption would be it depends on the file type (I don't think it can be restricted) and the method of upload. I am still trying to figure out if there are any instructions for students on how to answer a file upload question. 

Sorry I didn't answer your question Smiley Sad

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Why would file upload be different for quizzes and assignments?  This is not what I expected.  Now it's not obvious how to use the Speedgrader tools to comment on the upload files.  Solution needed!

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Hi bhusted,

I have run into the same problem today.  @jmhigdon5    I tested with PNG, JPEG and PDF files - all with the same result.

I hope there is a simple answer to this (i.e. something that I am failing to do) as it seems strange that, as  @aufded93  says, similar file uploads in Assignments and Quizzes display differently.

I will do a bit more digging tomorrow and let you guys know if I find an answer.

Stay safe and well.


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Same problem here as we are turning to Canvas to do our online exams (and have TAs doing grading remotely).  This needs to be fixed by Canvas - there is no reason I can see for Speedgrader to do this differently for quizzes and assignments.

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I agree that it would be great to be able to see images submitted for an File Upload quiz question in SpeedGrader. As a workaround, however, you can give students the Essay question, and have them upload images into the Rich Content Editor. Those images show up in SpeedGrader directly without having to download them.

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When Speedgrader is bad, it is horribly so and becomes a huge time sink to work around. I can't imagine what the developers were (not) thinking with this one. I also used Quiz for a file upload that I wanted to grade in SpeedGrader. For me "grading" a file submission means I can mark on it, not just give a score). I expected to be able to do the same thing I do with Assignments, but can't.  Turns out, this issue has been known for a while:
Worse, there is no warning at all about how this is going to fail on this page:
Looking at the docs page more critically, I see now that they only promise that you can access the file in SpeedGrader, not actually grade it. Still, a warning should have been given. 
I thought of a work around: maybe I could create an assignment, and then just upload each student's submission to that assignment? Unfortunately, Canvas can't do that either:
Anyway, this has been is my latest disappointment with Canvas. The only reason I was going with "Quiz" for an exam submission was to access more settings for time limits and so forth. But now I regret it entirely...
Community Team
Community Team

bhusted &  @professorhoke  

It is correct that the annotation tools that works with assignment file uploads in speedgrader is not available for quiz questions.  I did some double checking with the New Quizzes feature as well, and the same is true there. 

So in order to use the annotation tools you will need to have students use an 'assignment file upload' type.

If it's a matter of naming and gradebook organization, you can name an assignment a 'quiz' if you like, and you can place an assignment in a 'quizzes' assignment group if you have one.  So there is flexibility there!

Unfortunately, I agree with Kevin.  The issue I have is one of wanting to use the more advanced timing options available for quizzes (i.e. having students be able to take the timed exam within a larger window of availability,) while still wanting to be able to grade and annotate the responses in Speedgrader.