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File Upload grading in Quizzes

I'd like to have students take a picture of their work to submit for an answer for a quiz.  I have found that there is a "file upload" option for a quiz question, however, the grading side becomes an issue.  When I go into the speedgrader to grade the quiz, I have to download each file to grade what the student has submitted.  I find this odd because if a student submits an "assignment" that includes a file upload, I see an preview of that file right away on the page and do not need to download a file to grade each student response.  Is there a way to have the same view of the student file in speedgrader?

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You can set an available from and available to date/time. If you leave it without an available to time you can just use the due date and students can upload late. You can set all late assignments to have a default grade (I set all of my late assignments to be 0, but also use available to date/times).

I have used the method you are using, quiz with an external assignment. Be prepared for students to be confused and use this as a reason (cough*excuse*cough) as why they didn’t answer that question. It also makes grading odd. I strongly recommend setting the assignment to only accept certain file types (if you use OneDrive or Dropbox, both have native “scan” ability if students need to scan a document or take a picture). Picture formats are harder to grade in my opinion so I require pdf, docx, or doc. You can’t restrict the file type for file upload quiz questions.

Many students are confused on how to create pdf files so I explain it on my FAQ page including instructions on how to upload documents to Canvas using Onedrive and Dropbox.

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This unfortunately does not fix the problem. I want my students to be able to take an exam/quiz in say a 1 hr time period of their choosing during a given week.  If post the quiz, students can look at it, copy it down, and then submit their solution to the assignment at ANY time before the end of the week.  Yes, their is a time stamp on everything, but checking this student by student is painful.  

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I find this unacceptable.  I like many people here have given quiz/exam that are now virtually ungradeable.  I do not understand why the code for uploading assignments would be any different than from quizzes. I have tried downloading the quizzes and then reuploading them to an assignment, so I can use speedgrader, but I am unable to do that. 

I am going to have to ask all my students to resubmit their work to an assignment, then check by hand that the assignments are the same as the original (which I will have to do by down loading the original quizzes).  This is time consuming and makes me look unprofessional.  Why have the upload file feature in quizzes if it is unusable.

I have sung the praises of the ease of use of canvas over blackboard in the past, but this experience leaves a sour taste in my mouth.   

This is an extreme work around, but what if you password protect your instructions for the assignment and only provide the password in the quiz? I have never tried anything like that, but all of my files for assignment instructions are Office 365 Share links not file uploads. A quick search found this

This still may not help, but it something I didn’t know



Thank you very much!


Same here.  Completely unacceptable.  I'd have done better emailing students the quiz and then having them email me back PDFs within a given timeframe.  Canvas has made my life difficult here, not better.  

This is my first semester with Canvas after using Blackboard for the last 12 or so years.  I expected better.  

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Another thing that is unclear, but I have recently found, is that assignments are always available for viewing by the student after the availability date.  The availability only limits the time frame for submission.  Quizzes become locked and cannot be viewed by students after the availability date.  This is one reason to hesitate using assignments in place of quizzes. 

I was planning to use a quiz question to upload hand written problem work to keep the content secure, but if I cannot view it while looking at the rest of the quiz that will be a problem.    In a previous exam, I used an assignment for their backup/problem work and downloaded all assignments as one PDF and scrolled through them from student to student while looking at their other quiz.  

I'm having the same concern/issue.  Using Quiz to get the timed exam within a window of availability.  Wanting the autoview and annotation options that only appear available with an assignment.  This is also an ADA compliance issue when we are required to have 1.5 time for some students.

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I completely agree that this is unacceptable. We have an exam which must be available in a 12 hour window and last 90 minutes - only a quiz can do this. We also need 10 multiple choice and 3 partial credit (file upload) questions. Speed grading and seeing the files is completely necessary here. It will take hours to grade otherwise.

Everyone should vote on Thanks  @aquilla .

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I have given up.  I downloaded the quiz scan submissions, printed them out and graded them!   I had them graded in a  fraction of the time.