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File Upload grading in Quizzes

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I'd like to have students take a picture of their work to submit for an answer for a quiz.  I have found that there is a "file upload" option for a quiz question, however, the grading side becomes an issue.  When I go into the speedgrader to grade the quiz, I have to download each file to grade what the student has submitted.  I find this odd because if a student submits an "assignment" that includes a file upload, I see an preview of that file right away on the page and do not need to download a file to grade each student response.  Is there a way to have the same view of the student file in speedgrader?

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Why does this say there is an accepted solution.  None has been offered.  It is still a huge headache.


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At every turn, there is some crazy roadblock. This is a no-brainer and it not been solved. My school is just moving to Canvas from Blackboard and I am starting to have doubts.

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Why does this keep getting marked as solved?  It has not been and is a major issue.

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We definitely need this in Engineering. Faculty want to use proctoring tools AND the full capabilities of speedgrader. We've had to come up with several work arounds, most notably the file upload assignment that shows up right after they close out of the exam but there has to be a better way!

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Canvas admins,

I would like this question to be opened as a new thread regarding New Quizzes because the same issue is occurring there.  I'm disappointed with New Quizzes as it seems to have some of the same problems as Classic Quizzes (like this) and new problems (such as not being able to set a day/time for releasing correct answers) even though the new question types are very useful.


Anne Huebel