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Flipgrid Integration Issues


I love using Flipgrid with my students especially during remote learning but I am having issues integrating into Canvas. Each time I try I get this weird pink box which doesn't allow me to select my course within Flipgrid.

What should I do?


Screenshot 2020-08-21 at 4.19.36 PM.png


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Flipgrid has been having issues this week. Earlier today, I received this email from Flipgrid.

To our Flipgrid community -

Today and throughout this week Flipgrid experienced issues impacting your ability to use the service. We sincerely apologize for this disruption.

Our team is conducting a full audit and working around the clock to address these issues. Ensuring stability remains a top priority as millions of educators, learners, and families join and share on Flipgrid.

This educator community is and always will be at the center of everything we do. We know that you rely on Flipgrid to connect and engage your learning community. We will never stop working to support you.

This might be the source of some of your problems.

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It is a month since this was posted and I am encountering the same problem as above. Has there been no resolution to this problem?

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I would check the structure of the interface and possibly redo it- by that I mean 


go through settings- apps.  Flipgrid- do things look kosher- only 1 instance of flipgrid, and it has values for the key and code values?

then go check from the flipgrid side- educator dashboard- do you see the group that would correspond to your course?  does it look valid?

I am wondering based upon the message if maybe you deleted the course group accidentally?  or it got corrupted somehow?

If I am wrong and it looks good...

You should be able to delete the connection from either the Canvas side through settings.apps or the Flipgrid side- not sure which that and restart the integration process.

And do you have a successful connection in another course...that would prove something right?  That its not a problem with your user roles or something...

I can tell you I dont see that red something is not working for you that works for me...good luck!