Get content link error notifications for one specific course only?

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Currently, global notification settings allow us to get notifications for broken links ("content link errors"), but no such option exists in individual course notifications. I am an instructor/TA for several courses, and want to get broken link notifications ONLY for one particular course for which I am instructor of record. Is there a way to do this in the current Canvas structure? If not, how can I submit a ticket for Canvas to look into this option? (My institution's Canvas site does not seem to provide a contact/feedback option straight to Canvas.)

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Hi @yp2397 

Yep, this can also be done at the course level. The notification is meant to act as a global alert in case links break while you are otherwise engaged. You can find the Link Validator under Settings in any course. This guide will help: How do I validate links in a course?

Any time you wish to suggest a feature upgrade, new feature, or support another user's feature ideas you can do so in the Community by going to Idea Conversations.

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