Glitch? Why is the essay question answer key box visible to students?

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I have a quizzes with essay questions. I put my answer in the general answer comments box to make it easy for me to grade.  Based on the blatant plagerism a few students turned in on their 2nd attempt, it is obvious that my "answer key" is visible to them.  I don't know why it's showing.  On the quiz settings  I have a check by Let Students See Their Quiz Responses, because I want them to be able to copy/paste and fix rather than start over, but I do not have a check by Let Students See The Correct Answers.   Why are they able to see my answer key?  If the general comments box isn't meant to be a place for our answer key, can that be a new feature that is added.   My only other option is to save my key as a word document and go searching for that document every time a student turns in that assignment.  

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 @clarkbra ,

There is no "answer key" space for essay type questions.  The general answer comments are visible to all students as soon as they reach that question.  More explanation is given here 


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