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Google Assignments LTI 1.3 and Collaborations

We currently have enabled the (Canvas) Google Apps LTI in our production instance.  Several of our courses use the Collaborations feature in Canvas.  We have not enabled the External Collaborations Tool Feature Preview.

We would like to move to the Google Assignments LTI 1.3.  The prime motivation for this is that Student Assignment Enhancements seems not to integrate well with the (Canvas) Google Apps LTI in that submissions do not preview in SpeedGrader.

But we are not willing to give up the Collaborations feature, and running both the Google Apps LTI and Google Assignments LTI is not an option - too potentially confusing both to students and instructors.

In our Test instance, the Collaborations tool seems to work with Google Assignments LTI on, the Google Apps LTI removed and the Exernal Collaborations Tool enabled, but I can't find any documentation that supports this combination.  What I want to know is whether this configuration will work.

The only relevant documention I was able to find is What are Collaborations?   where it says:

Collaborations also supports the Google Apps LTI, which is enabled in a course as an external app. Google Drive collaborations not only allow users to create Google Docs, but they can also create Google Spreadsheets and Google Presentations.

The Google Apps integration requires enabling the External Collaborations Tool feature preview. However, enabling this feature preview changes the Collaborations interface and removes any existing Google Docs collaborations.

If you are using the Google Assignments LTI and Collaborations we would very much appreciate hearing about your experience.


Peter - Canvas Admin

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