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Grade Import Error

Hi everyone, I've been importing grades to Canvas successfully for years which is why I'm stumped by this one. Like most of you, I exported the gradebook as a CSV file, then added the new grades and now am attempting to upload the updates CSV file back into Canvas.

I receive the following message:

Screenshot 2022-12-05 111830.jpg

Obviously, I don't have a student named "7" in the class and it doesn't seem to correspond with the 7th row or the 7th student in the class. If I proceed, then the grades are off by one row somewhere (I have 275 students so I'd rather not try to review line by line).

This is frustrating, because I don't see how there could be an error when I'm simply importing the exact same file that I just exported from Canvas 5 minutes ago.

Any help is wonderful.

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@ppozca -

My guess is that you inadvertently changed one of the fields(I have done that lots of times in excel - especially if I am going back and forth between different excel files or other files). Because you already have the file in excel, I would just sort it based on the name column That will pull the 7 student to either the first entry or the last entry. you will then have to export your gradebook again so that you can search it for the Canvas id for the student with name of 7 and make sure their information is correct.


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did you get any proper solution? MYiClubOnline

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It was exactly this. I was copying/pasting from the exported file to my "working" file and one tiny line was the cause of the error. Thank you!