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I am an administrator and have set our assignments to use Letter grade and have the final total of all completed assignments to be 100 percent

We’ve noticed that there are some students submitting partially on their assessments.
Unfortunately, Canvas averages their grade based on what they’ve only submitted, and this causes an incorrect grade.
Example they only submit 2 out 5 assessments but the Gradebook assigns them 100 percent in the total column.It should be 40 percent.

Please help with a solution.

Thank  you 


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @Carmelo2022,

What you're describing is the general behavior of Canvas.  If an item is not graded, it basically does not count towards a user's total grade.  In order to get an "accurate" final grade, the teacher will need to give student's a score of 0 for the assignments they did not do.  If the assignments are online and have due dates, teachers can set up a missing policy to automatically give missing assignments a 0 after the due date passes.

Hope this helps!


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