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How do I add new items to my Gradebook without having to import and export a csv?  Also, how can I set a gradebook category (like exams) to automatically drop the lowest grade or two grades?

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Hi  @ro10  Welcome to the Canvas Community. First, great job figuring out how to download/upload a .csv version of your gradebook....that skill may come into play for things later on (like downloading a copy at the end of the term) but you need not have gone through quite that much trouble.  Canvas gradebook columns are automatically populated by each graded assignment, graded discussion, or graded online quiz that you create.  If you head to any of those respective menu items in Canvas and create one, you will then see a column for it in your gradebook. (In the case of the legacy gradebook, you will not see it until you publish it.)

That brings up another point:  you did not mention if you are using the legacy (soon to be "old") gradebook or the New Greadebook.  But your should start here for the legacy gradebook and here for the New Gradebook for information on them and keep going forward from there by following the links at the bottom of the page.

To drop the lowest score within an assignment group, check here: 

Hope this helps, Randall!

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