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Grading Columns too wide, due to naming

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The gradebook columns are way too wide, since they very inefficiently display the descriptions on one line.  You can drag the column to be narrower, however:

The text does not move to the left, continuing to waste space.

The assignment name just gets cut off, rather than wrapping down a line,  Allow 2 or 3 lines for this information to need to force it onto one line

Optionally use vertical text when setting  narrow columns, much more efficient, as done here:

See how the text changes as the width is adjusted.  Can Canvas do this?



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Community Coach

Hi @NormanNovotney ...

I'm not sure if either of these existing Feature Ideas might be close to what you are requesting, but I wanted to share these links with you:

If you want, you can leave a comment on either of these Feature Ideas to give examples of why this would be important to you.  You can also rate each idea with a star.  More information on that in How do idea conversations work in the Instructure Community?.

I know this doesn't exactly answer your question, but I hope the links will be beneficial for you.

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