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How can I assign a percentage value to an assignment after I record the grades on canvas? (e.g. midterm & final exams are worth 35% each toward course grade).  The instructions direct me to something called "options" but I don't see that on the Assignment page. I am the  professor.

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Hello @ChristinaGreene ...

Are you asking about weighting your assignments?  For example, an instructor might have something like:

  • Written assignments - worth 50% of total grade
  • Quizzes - worth 30% of total grade
  • Graded discussions - worth 20% of total grade
  • TOTAL = 100%

If this is what you are asking about, you can set up assignment groups on your "Assignments" index page.  Then, you set the percentages for each of those assignment groups and put the associated assignments in those groups.  By default, the "Assignments" index page always has one assignment group called "Assignments", but you can create more than one assignment group depending on your needs.

I am a former Canvas administrator, and so I don't have much experience teaching in Canvas, so I'm not exactly sure if both your mid-term and final exams could be in the same assignment group worth 35%, or if you would need to create two separate assignment groups each worth 35% and then put the mid-term in one and the final in the other.  I'll let someone else chime in who has more experience with that than I do.

Finally, you'll need to have your other non-exam assignment groups complete the total weight of the grade so that it all adds up to 100%.

I hope I'm understanding your question correctly.  If not, please let Community members know, and we'll do our best to help you.  Thanks!