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Student voice recording

I am the instructor. As part of a quiz, I would like to have students record themselves. is this possible within canvas?

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Hello @HughesMichael ...

Yes, this should be possible.  You would create an essay type question within your quiz (so that students can use the Rich Content Editor ... also known as the RCE).  Then, when they get to that question, they can use the RCE to start recording their voice (or they could add a pre-recorded audio clip if that was allowed).

When students click on the button to record their audio, it will default to recording a video (at least it did for me), but they can choose to turn their webcam off (detailed in the above link) so that it only records audio...not video.

Make sure to read the information in the blue box at the top of the second link I the media recordings shouldn't be too long in length.

Hope this helps a bit!  Let Community members know if you have any questions...thanks!