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Group discussions


I created a self-enrolling group set with five groups. I then created a set of discussion questions and made them a group assignment. 

I get that if students go to People > Groups, they have the option to join the group of their choice and from there, answer a discussion question within their group.

That said it also looks like if they don't click the people tab but click the discussion tab instead, they can bypass the whole group system and just post their answers without being assigned a group. What am I missing? Do I need to hide a discussion tab for this to work? I'm also creating modules where I am organizing the discussion questions by week, and it looks like if a student clicks on the question from the module, they also bypass the group enrollment process. 

Please help, thank you!




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Hello! @esimon1 

It does appear when students navigate to the Discussion first, it does allow them to reply to the discussion as normal (not in a group). Once they go to People and Join a group, the Discussion will appear only for their Group. 

If you don't want this to happen, I would recommend either communicating with students to select a group first, then reply to their Discussion, or you can create set Groups beforehand. 

I hope this was helpful! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns! 

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Thank you! I ended up hiding the discussion tab on the main page. I have another question. Can students self-enroll in a group from the Canvas app? I installed the app and signed up as a mock student. I see the people tab but not the group tab in the app. Several students are reporting the same issue. Thank you!

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