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I searched the community and found a few threads on the subject but they are quite dated and maybe not focused on what I am curious about. 

So, at our university we are very focused on group work for assignments. In our old bespoke system we had an automated process to make students evaluate their group members after each group assignment. This feature is sorely missed in Canvas. 

As there have been numerous attempts to get Instructure to implement such functionality but to no avail I have started researching third party solutions.

I have come across four possibilities:

BuddyCheck from Shareworks

Group Member Evaluations from Feedbackfruits

SPLAT - On Github

iPeer - On Github

I have sent out a demo request to BuddyCheck and Group Member Evaluations. I am waiting for a responce on their pricing which I fear might be to high for us. 

The two free options I found are very different from each other. Both with their pros and cons. 

SPLAT seems very well integrated with Canvas and easy to use both for teachers and students but has very limited functionality when it comes to the evaluation and sharing the evaluation results. 

iPeer seems overly complicated for teachers to set up and not very well integrated with Canvas. It does however have a lot of options when it comes to the evaluation itself and sharing the results.

So I was wondering has anyone used any of those solutions and how did you like them? And off course am I missing some awesome solution that might solve all our problems? 

Thanks for reading all the way through my long explanation to a simple question Smiley Happy

Best regards from freezing Iceland,