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I am a new teacher this year and i have been assigned new courses, but i do not find how to do it.

I am talking about really new courses and not being a new teacher in a course already exists.

Thanks very much in advance

José Ramón Sánchez  - Galán

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Similar question...I started teaching / working with Canvas mid-semester last academic year; hence, my courses were already published | available via the "dashboard"  area in Canvas. 

With the new (2022-2023) school year right around the corner - I am starting to put together lessons etc. for my respective courses; however, I am not seeing my courses for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year on my Canvas Classroom "Dashboard" page nor elsewhere in Canvas. 

Any further insights as to how to get started with putting classes together in Canvas would be most welcome 🙂 

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I'm not exactly sure how Clark County School District sets up their Canvas environment and populates the Canvas course shells that you need.  CCSD may have an Online Learning / eLearning department that handles all of that automatically for you.  I would recommend that you reach out to them to find out exactly how you will be able to see your courses you are looking for.  Here's the employee page I found on CCSD's website: Canvas LMS | Clark County School District (

Also, be sure to check your "Courses" >> "All Courses" screen in Canvas.  If you do not see your courses listed there, then you'll definitely want to talk with folks at your school.

As a side note, I noticed that the link under the heading "Canvas LMS Mobile Apps" to "Search the Canvas Guides" points to an out-of-date link (it is pointing to an old Canvas Community link).  You might want to let your folks know this needs to be fixed so that it is pointing to the correct page...for example, here:

Canvas Mobile Users - Instructure Community (

Hope this helps!!!  Good luck!


Hello @JRSG 

Thank you for contacting the Canvas Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with locating and using brand new courses in Canvas. It can depend on the school  or institution but normally, your actual Canvas courses (with students) are generated by the school directly and will appear in your Canvas once it has been created, and you have been enrolled as the teacher. You can double check for all courses (past, present, future) by clicking on the courses icon on the left and going to all courses. Any upcoming courses would be under "future enrollments" You can then add these classes to your dashboard by highlighting the star on the left.

However, if it isn't here and you are ready to start working on the course, you would want to speak with your school directly. There is a slim chance the school allows you to create your own class and enroll students, but most regular universities and school districts do not follow this route because grades and enrollments are tied to the school directly. If so, you'd check to create a new course this way:

If you don't have that option, nor is the course under "all courses" then you will want to speak with the school and ask them to create the course and give it to you. Hopefully this helps!