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Has anyone seen Canvas incorrectly calculating an Assignment Category?

A professor I support showed me this.

Three grades in an Assignment Category.

Two are out of 20, one is out of 25.

When Canvas calculates the grade for the Category, it gives the result as if all three grades had the same weight.

Does Canvas not know how to do a weighted average? It can't be adding the scores and dividing by 65 to get the percentage--because it's getting the wrong answer.


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I was looking for information regarding the precision of assignment grade weights.  My experience says Canvas doesn't allow alternative weights in an assignment group.  In your case, just to get it to work and say the assignments are homework, I'd allocate 40% to a 20point HW group w/two assignments and 25% to a 25p HW group w/one assignment.  Junks up the assignment page, but I haven't stumbled on any options to do it differently.    My sort of analogous problem is having 3 quizzes in a group and have a group weight not divisible by three.  Students ask what the actual weights are and benchmarking against a spreadsheet record is off a bit.   What is the format of assignment weights in grade calculations


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So Canvas assumes each Assignment in an Assignment Group are weighted equally? Since in my case, the instructor was using points, it would be trivial to add the points and THEN divide by the total possible points. Instead, Canvas seems to treat each grade as a percentage and then to average them (non-weighted). Is that your experience, @JamesBodurtha?

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I use a weighted gradebook, and for my assignment groups it takes total points earned divided by total points possible to get a percentage that is then multiplied by the group weight.  It is not taking percentages of the assignments and averaging them.  I do not have a drop lowest or drop highest selected.  You did not mention that directly, but from the information posted I would assume it is not (just threw that out there in case that has an affect on the way canvas treats grades).

Can you supply the actual numbers for what you are discussing?

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I remember a couple of years ago, Canvas changed how it calculated these, and I was trying to remember what it did currently. So here I am. Judging from your comments and my vague memories, Canvas USED TO weight all assignments within a category equally. So if you had 4 exams that together were worth 40% of the course grade, each was worth 10%, regardless if one had 65 pts, another 80, etc. A few years ago, this changed so that it adds all the points earned within the category and divides by the points possible, so that exam with 80 pts would effectively carry more weight than the 65-pt one. The solution, as suggested above, is to make Exam 1 its own group worth 10% and so on. On Blackboard you could choose which method you preferred for each assignment group. Doesn't seem like that should be so hard of a feature to include...

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@lohs3602 You are correct - probably not hard to do - unless Blackboard has a patent on that feature.