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Help with Canvas Capability

I'm looking for a certain capability for homework/quizzes. This may be accessible on one of the apps but I need help finding the right resource or even knowing if it exists.

Each student will measure various aspects of a pair of spectacles. Each student will have a different pair. I want to give that pair of specs a unique id and have the students, enter the ID and their measurements then provide graded and immediate feedback. So Lab 1 will have 30 students doing this, but each will have a different pair so I need to give 30 unique quizzes all in lab 1. Anything you could offer will help, honestly I have no idea where to start.

Thank you,

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Hi Adam,

Just to get the ball rolling on ideas: If the questions on the spectacles will be uniform for all students, you could have the initial question be something akin to, "Please provide your assigned Spectacle ID". Then they can answer the rest of the questions in accordance with their assigned pair. Of course, this wouldn't work if the questions will be unique depending on the pair, but I wanted to provide an idea in case this is what you were going for. 

Is your intent that the students provide their own feedback, or that they would receive immediate feedback based on what they entered for the ID/measurements? If it's the latter, I'm not entirely sure if such a feature exists in Canvas.

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