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I am in early childhood.  I was las in school in 1996 so this is all new to me.  I saw where assignments can be resubmitted?  I got off to a late and confused start.  Is there a way canvas has a "how to" basic guide for newbies?  I see late, missing, locked and don't see how to email all  teachers at once?  Also how do I find my new emails from others?


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Hi  @barker_poe and welcome to the Community!  There are many resources for those just getting started with Canvas.  The guides are a good place to start, Canvas Student Guide - Table of Contents or Mobile Guides - Canvas Student, and you found how to post to the Community.  There may be other help options available to you at your institution for learning Canvas so you may check into what is available.

Yes, assignments can be resubmitted.   Your instructor can see all of the assignments you have submitted but you can only see the latest submission.  There are a number of submission types in Canvas which are discussed in the guides,

You can message all of your instructors if they are in the same course through the Inbox,  I hesitate to call this email because it allows you to message those in a common course but not those who you do not have a course with/from like regular email would.  If you want to message your instructors from multiple different classes you would do this separately for the courses in the Inbox unless you use your institutions actual email account (Outlook, Google, etc.).  The Inbox will also show messages sent from others to you, but again if you are speaking about actual emails you would access your email how your institution has designed (often linked from their webpage).

I hope this helps but feel free to post more questions if they arise.  There can be a bit of a learning curve, but I am sure that before long you will find everything you need.

All the best! 

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