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I am a Canvas newbie but I know what I am asking was possible in my previous gradebook (from Haiku/ PowerSchool Learning) so I am hoping there is a way to do this in Canvas as well.

I give a weekly class participation grade which I might or might not want to hide from students. Either way, I certainly don't want the Gradebook entry titled "Participation Week X" to appear for students on their To Do list as it would for a regular assignment. How can I make an entry so it is a column I can grade in my gradebook which I can grade but does not show up for students in their To Do list or under Assignments? I tried adding it as an Unpublished Assignment but this did not help since I was then not able to make a gradebook entry.

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Hello @TechRav 

There may be some limitations for this, but you should have the option to Unpublish the assignment until you are ready for students to see this. Keep in mind however, if an assignment already has submissions, you likely will not be able to unpublish.

Our guide for How do I publish or unpublish an assignment as an instructor? will walk you through how to do this. If the assignment is not published, it will not be visible on the students To-Do List. Hope this information has been helpful! 

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns! 

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