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Hide subtotals, show total points?

Hi there,

I know how to hide totals from students and how to make them visible again. However, I need to hide the subtotals under the assignment types but still show the total points column. (Having both confuses students, as I'm assigning final grades by point total. I did a "choose your own adventure" style).

Please help!


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Good morning, @khaltinner ...

Are you asking about how to hide assignment group columns? Unfortunately, when you create assignment group columns (which may or may not be used for weighting of grades), those columns cannot be hidden. And, the view of those columns from your perspective as an instructor differs slightly compared to what your students see. For students, those assignment group categories are listed in two different spots when they take a look at their individual "Grades" screen:

The only way to not have those assignment groups/columns showing is to not have them on your "Assignments" index page. This would mean that all your assignments would be grouped together in one large assignment group (you have to have at least one). But, if you are wanting to weight your grades or at least separate out your various assignments by group/category, then you'll have to use assignment groups.

I took a quick second to search the Community to see if I could find any existing Feature Ideas that might be close to something you'd like to see implemented in Canvas. I found Hide Assignment group grades - Instructure Community ( You might want to review that one. Normally, I would suggest that you leave a comment on this Feature Idea and give it a star rating. However, right now all Feature Ideas are temporarily being locked down so that nobody can do either of those things (including also being able to submit new Feature Ideas) until the beginning of February. Instructure is doing some re-org and clean-up of the Feature Idea process...of which I'll link to below. You're also a "New Member", and you'll need to "rank up" (similar to "leveling up" in a video game) in order to create new Feature Ideas in the Community.

I know this probably isn't the answer you were looking for, but I hope that it helps to answer your question. Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!