Horizontal scrollbar obscuring the bottom row of Gradebook

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In the Gradebook, the track of the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom partially covers the grades of the last student when using Chrome or Safari. This is not a problem in Firefox, where the scrollbar is narrower until the mouse cursor hovers over it. See the attached screenshots for illustration.

I have told our faculty that they can work around this by using Firefox (obviously), by grading an assignment for the Test Student so they appear at the bottom of the Gradebook, or by enabling the "Overlay Scrollbars" option in chrome://flags. But these aren't great solutions. This feels like something that would be better addressed by Instructure with, e.g., a CSS fix. Is it recognized as a bug? I don't see an issue in Github and would be happy to file one if that's helpful.

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I just spoke with Canvas Support. It is a known issue and will be address and a fix deployed. Our case has been attached to the other related cases.

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Hello everyone...

For those curious, this was the Known Issue document related to this conversation:

Gradebook scrollbar is cutting off the last row of... - Instructure Community - 601863 (canvaslms.co...

If you are still having issues with this, I'd recommend reaching out to Canvas Support to file a ticket:

How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?

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