How Do I Make Criteria Roll Up To Outcomes in a Rubric? (Standards Based Grading)

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When I create a Rubric, it has two elements:

- Outcomes

- Criteria

I have not found a way to make a single Criteria or multiple Criteria roll up into an Outcome score.  This 1) doubles my grading effort 2) introduces the risk that I don't accurately convert criteria into an Outcome 3) creates confusion for students.

Has anyone (@BenFriedman) found a solution for this?


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Hi @paxton_helms ...

Thank you for the additional screenshot and explanation.  Although I do not work for Instructure (I work at a Technical College in Wisconsin), what you describe with criteria in a rubric wanting to "roll up" into an Outcome row is not least not possible from my experience.  Each criteria row uses either the defined ratings that you've specified in the cells for that row...or you could even type in another score when grading student work via the SpeedGrader.  Each of your Outcomes rows essentially operates the same way.  There is no "connection" within the rubric to tell it to add up the rubric row total points and put that total in the Outcome row.  So, if you gave your student 10 points (5 points for each criterion), it's not going to display that total in the Outcome row that you've added.

If you wanted, you could certainly consider submitting a Feature Idea here in the Community to see if other people would like to see something similar implemented in Canvas:

Sorry that I don't have better news for you, but I hope this has helped in some way to answer your additional question(s).  Take care...

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