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How To Get Info on Legacy SCORM Files?

Our institution has been using Canvas for several years, and there has been some turnover in IT and instructional design staff in that time. I work as an instructional designer for our college.

I was uploading an Articulate Storyline SCORM file into one of our classes and, after the upload, was stunned to find over 100 SCORM files already in the SCORM directory in our Canvas instance.  I and my colleagues do not know who originally imported them or whether they are still in use.

Unfortunately, the SCORM listing does not seem to give any options for seeing an upload date, user who uploaded, or whether a SCORM file is currently used in any course.  It only gives me the name of the file and an option to preview it.

Does anyone have any ideas on where I could get this kind of information within Canvas?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Scott,

Unfortunately I doubt you will find a way to get at the kind of historical detail you are looking for, or a report of what content is in use where in your instance simply because SCORM is a so basic with regards to functionality in that area.  However, that is a guess!  Have you also tried opening a support case about this question?  Canvas Support may have more technical capability that I know how to access myself.

Kind regards,