How can I find out which course pages have been viewed most frequently?

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Hi there, 

I wonder if I can find out which pages within a course have been viewed most frequently. 

Let's say that I have several pages and I am not quite sure whether there is a need to continue offering all of these pages. 

It would really help to know if some pages are clicked more/less often than others. 

Thank you!

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@Alex911 Please reach out to your Canvas admin so they can turn this feature on for you.  I honestly thought it had been moved to full production since it has been around for about 2 years but I just checked and it is still a feature option.. We turned it on when it first came out.

It MAY be something that your Canvas admin has enabled but you need to also enable it in your course.  If this is the case, if you go to "Settings" then "Feature Options" is the option "New Course and User Analytics".



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