How can I remove unwanted hyphens + numbers after my page titles?

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I want my page to be titled, "Task List for Lesson 01" but CANVAS is adding hyphenated numbers to the title, which is really annoying because the ONLY number I want displayed is the 01.

Here is a SNIP of what I am looking at:



When I try to edit the offending -hyphenated numbers out of the title, CANVAS just tacks on an even higher (unwanted) hyphenated number.

Can someone please help me remove these hypens and numbers?

Thanks in advance,

Matt in Pa.

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Hi  @matt_hawkins  - That issue comes about when Canvas detects a page name with the exact same title.  One of two things occurred:  you either already had a page with the title Task List of Lesson 01 OR (more likely) you imported the contents of a previously-taught course that had those same page names into the course site in question.  Canvas will not overwrite existing content in a course will append it, and in the cases of duplicate names, it will add a number with a hyphen before it.  If this course has been imported before and you have files in it, you may find similar names among your FILES.

You best short-term solution is to head to Pages in your course menu, and then click View All Pages.  There you will see a listing of all of your pages, of course, and be able to start renaming or deleting the pages with the same name.  You should also take a look at some of the discussion under a somewhat similar question in the past here:  Getting rid of numbers at the end of page titles after importing .

If the issue arose from importing, in the future you may want to import just selected items rather than an entire course site, as covered here:   At my own institution, I have seen many a Canvas site with numbers as high as 09 or 10, so this is a fairly common issue with imports back and forth between courses as people fine-tune exactly what they want each page to say, keeping the previous one intact.  It's just a matter of later doing a bit of clean-up, something that I myself tend to put off!

I hope this helps a bit, Matthew!

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