How can I show or see the date a discussion was posted in a group?

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I'm getting points off an assignment for submitting a question 'late' in the wrong place when it was submitted in the wrong place, and just trying to prove it was on time. I am trying to see the date and time this was submitted, and need help in showing the date my discussion post was posted. 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there,  @katymonson17  Welcome to the Canvas Community.  Thank you for posting your question.  This Guide, How do I view and sort discussion replies as a student?, shows screen shots from a student's perspective of replies to discussion topics.  Each reply is time and date stamped.  If a reply says that it was posted "Yesterday", I believe you should be able to hover your mouse cursor over that word, and then the date/time should pop up.

I hope this helps, Katlyn.  Please let Community members know if you have any questions about this...thanks!

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